East Bridgewater Junior/Senior High School Document Library

This page contains various reports, documents and other downloadable files that relate to the new Junior/Senior High School project for East Bridgewater. Most of the files will be in the Adobe Acrobat PDF filke format. Most computers have the free Acrobat Reader already installed, but if not, you may visit Adobe.com to download the reader plug-in.

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High School Building Committee Minutes

The Furniture, Furnishings, and Equipment Bid
(released January 7, 2013 1pm)

The Junior/Senior High School Project Prequalification Committee is making available the following public documents:
   • Notice to Prequalified Eligible Bidders
   • List of Prequalified Contractors

East Bridgewater Command Project Control Procedures

Project Schedule Document (500k)


Dates for future SBC meetings and the approved minutes after December 2013 will be available at Town Hall.

December 2013 (and final) Update
November 2013 Update
October 2013 Update
September 2013 Update
August 2013 Update
July 2013 Update
June 2013 Update
May 2013 Update
April 2013 Update
February/March 2013 Update
January 2013 Update
December 2012 Update
November 2012 Update
October 2012 Update
September 2012 Update
August 2012 Update
July 2012 Update
June 2012 Update
May 2012 Update
April 2012 Update
March 2012 Update
February 2012 Update
January 2012 Update
December 2011 Update
November 2011 Update
October 2011 Update
September 2011 Update
August 2011 Update
July 2011 Update
June 2011 Update
May 2011 Update
January 2011 Update
December 2010 Update
November 2010 Update
October 2010 Update
September 2010 Update
August 2010 Update
July 2010 Update

East Bridgewater Communication and Project
Control Procedures

Site Plans and Floor Plans
(Construction docs available at the Super. office.)
• Site Landscape Plan
• First Floor Plan
• Second Floor Plan
• Third Floor Plan

Project Budget Fact Sheet (NOV 2010)

Ai3 Site Selection Analysis for Proposed
New School Project
( 2.3mb)


   Part 1 - Title, Introduction and Background (100k)
   Part 2 - Executive Summary (152k)
   Part 3 - Site Analysis Executive Summary (2mb)
   Part 4 - Programming (200k)
   Part 5 - Cost Analysis and Phasing (875k)
   Part 6 - Analysis of Existing Conditions (4mb)
   Part 7 - Sustainable Design (64k)
   Part 8 - Conclusions and Recommendations (92k)
   Part 9 - Appendix (8.2mb)


  1. Updated Work Plan – Project Schedule 6-27-11
  2. Environmental Permitting Assessment (4.7mb)
  3. Code Analysis
    a. EBHS – Building Code Analysis
    b. Code Compliance East Bridgewater
    c. PARE Code Analysis
    d. Access Compliance
  4. Testing Permitting Utility Notifications
    a. EBHS – Testing & Permits Letter
    b. PARE Utility Analysis
    c. PARE Geotechnical Report (13.7mb)
  5. Structural and Energy Calculations
    a. ComCheck Compliance Report
    b. Structural Calculations
  6. Inspector Approvals Letter
  7. Comparison Summary 50% vs 100%
    a. 50% vs 100% Comparison Letter
    b. 100% CD Space Summary
  8. Project Advisory Items
    a. Independent Cost Estimate 100% CD
    b. Geotechnical Peer Review Report
    c. Structural Peer Review Report


  1. Updated Project Schedule by the OPM
  2. Updated Summary of Filings & Permits
    a. 50% CD Code Analysis
    b. 50% CD Utility Analysis
    c. Fire Flow Testing Memorandum (2.4mb)
    d. EB High School Phase I ESA (9.8mb)
  3. Life Cycle Cost Analysis
    a. Life Cycle Cost Analysis Narrative
    b. Energy Efficiency Considerations
    c. East Bridgewater HS EE Narrative
    d. Model School W-H MTC Phase 1 Energy Report
  4. 50% Construction Cost Estimate (N/A)
  5. Space Measurement Analysis
    a. East Bridgewater – Space Measurement Analysis Differences
    b. 50% CD Space Summary
  6. Written Summary Comparison Project Design
  7. 50% Construction Specifications
    a. EB - Specification Volume 1
    b. EB – Specification Volume 2
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